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L-Glutamine is an amino acid and one of the most abundant amino acids in the human body. It has many important functions and effects in the human body.

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Product Name L-Glutamine
Appearance White powder
Active Ingredient L-Glutamine
Specification 98%
Test Method HPLC
CAS NO. 56-85-9
Function Health Care
Free Sample Available
COA Available
Shelf life 24 Months

Product Benefits

The functions of L-glutamine include:

1.Maintain nitrogen balance: L-glutamine is an important component of amino acid metabolism.

2.Immunomodulation:  L-Glutamine also provides antioxidant effects, protecting the immune system from damage caused by oxidative stress.

3.Gut Health: L-Glutamine also strengthens the intestinal barrier and immune function, reducing intestinal inflammation and permeability.

4.Energy Supply:  It serves as a reliable source of energy during prolonged exercise, during recovery, or when carbohydrate intake is insufficient.

The areas of application of L-glutamine:

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The areas of application of L-glutamine:

1.Muscle Recovery and Growth: L-Glutamine is widely used by athletes and fitness enthusiasts to promote muscle recovery and growth.

2.Immunomodulation: L-glutamine is widely used in clinical nutrition to regulate immune function and reduce the adverse effects of disease or chemotherapy on the immune system.

3.Intestinal disease treatment: L-glutamine has also shown potential in treating intestinal disorders.

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1.1kg/aluminum foil bag, with two plastic bags inside

2. 25kg/carton, with one aluminum foil bag inside. 56cm*31.5cm*30cm, 0.05cbm/carton, Gross weight: 27kg

3. 25kg/fiber drum, with one aluminum foil bag inside. 41cm*41cm*50cm,0.08cbm/drum, Gross weight: 28kg

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