Natrual Griffonia Simplicifolia Seed Extract 5 Hydroxytryptophan 5-HTP 98%

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5-HTP, full name 5-Hydroxytryptophan, is a compound synthesized from the naturally derived amino acid tryptophan. It is the precursor of serotonin in the body and is metabolized into serotonin, thereby affecting the brain’s neurotransmitter system. One of the main functions of 5-HTP is to increase serotonin levels. Serotonin is a neurotransmitter that plays an important role in regulating mood, sleep, appetite, and pain perception.

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Product Name 5 Hydroxytryptophan
Other Name 5-HTP
Appearance white powder
Active Ingredient 5 Hydroxytryptophan
Specification 98%
Test Method HPLC
CAS NO. 4350-09-8
Function Relieve Anxiety, Improves sleep quality
Free Sample Available
COA Available
Shelf life 24 Months

Product Benefits

Specifically, the functions of 5-HTP can be summarized as follows:

1. Improves mood and relieves depression: 5-HTP has been extensively studied for improving mood and reducing symptoms of depression. It increases serotonin levels to promote positive mood and emotional balance.

2. Relieve Anxiety: 5-HTP may help reduce anxiety symptoms because serotonin has an important influence on the regulation of anxiety and mood.

3. Improves sleep quality: 5-HTP is thought to shorten the time it takes to fall asleep, prolong sleep time, and improve sleep quality. Serotonin plays an important role in sleep regulation, so supplementation with 5-HTP may help regulate sleep patterns.

4. Headache relief: 5-HTP supplementation has also been studied for the relief of certain types of headaches, particularly migraines related to vasoconstriction.

5. In addition to the above functions, 5-HTP is also considered to have a certain impact on appetite and weight control. Serotonin is involved in regulating food intake, satiety, and appetite suppression, so the use of 5-HTP has been studied for weight management and aiding weight loss.


Overall, the application areas of 5-HTP are mainly focused on mental health, sleep improvement and certain pain management.

However, supplements should be taken with the advice of a professional doctor or pharmacist before use, and ensure that they are used according to recommended dosages to maximize their effects and avoid potential side effects.




1. 1kg/aluminum foil bag, with two plastic bags inside.

2. 25kg/carton, with one aluminum foil bag inside. 56cm*31.5cm*30cm, 0.05cbm/carton, Gross weight: 27kg.

3. 25kg/fiber drum, with one aluminum foil bag inside. 41cm*41cm*50cm,0.08cbm/drum, Gross weight: 28kg.



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