Amino Acid Food Additive L-Citrulline CAS 372-75-8 Food Grade L Citrulline

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L-Citrulline is a non-essential amino acid that can be converted into another amino acid L-Arginine and nitric oxide (NO) in the body.L-Citrulline is a naturally occurring amino acid found in certain foods and also produced by the human body.

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Product Name L-Citrulline
Appearance White powder
Active Ingredient L-Citrulline
Specification 98%
Test Method HPLC
CAS NO. 372-75-8
Function Health Care
Free Sample Available
COA Available
Shelf life 24 Months

Product Benefits

L-Citrulline plays several important roles in the body, including:

1.Physical performance: L-Citrulline has been studied for its potential to enhance exercise performance and reduce fatigue.

2.Erectile dysfunction: L-Citrulline has been studied as a potential natural remedy for erectile dysfunction.

3.Blood pressure regulation: L-Citrulline may help reduce systolic blood pressure in individuals with hypertension.

Immune function: L-Citrulline has been shown to have immune-enhancing properties.


Here are some of the main areas of application for L-citrulline:

1.Sports Performance Enhancement: L-Citrulline is widely used as a sports performance enhancer, especially in fitness and competitive sports.

2.Cardiovascular health: Improving cardiovascular function, and preventing cardiovascular diseases.

3.Kidney function support: L-citrulline can help remove ammonia and waste products from the body and promote urea cycle, thereby supporting kidney function.

4.Immunomodulation: L-citrulline has a regulatory effect on the immune system.

5.Liver Protection:L-citrulline has the potential to protect liver health and reduce the occurrence of liver disease and injury.

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1.1kg/aluminum foil bag, with two plastic bags inside

2. 25kg/carton, with one aluminum foil bag inside. 56cm*31.5cm*30cm, 0.05cbm/carton, Gross weight: 27kg

3. 25kg/fiber drum, with one aluminum foil bag inside. 41cm*41cm*50cm,0.08cbm/drum, Gross weight: 28kg

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